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Loggi is building an entire new class of logistics: a last-mile solution that's powering same day delivery and blurring the line between on-line and off-line for retail. Founded in São Paulo, Brazil, Loggi uses the massive network of motor and bike couriers to form a logistics network that is fast and reliable. Our web/mobile platform and API offer unmatched convenience, reliability, reach and timely delivery through a user friendly interface, real customer support, and fully legalized couriers - at a better price vs alternatives. We're creating a brand new type of logistics, hence we're pioneers, not copycats. This is original work. We're working hard to leapfrog hundreds of years of poor infrastructure investment. We are positive that our effort is a net gain for the world and that it is, and will keep on making, a large impact in emerging markets. Our work is original, hence our challenges are unique. Your work is reflected daily in the thousands of drivers whose life Loggi is changing, as well as in the many customers who are surprised to receive timely and predictable service. Both founders are very product focused and are core practitioners of design thinking. Our product has incredible complexity as it weaves on-line and off-line elements, software and physical services, and interfaces with both business and end-consumers. It is the focal point for an operational, sales and engineering heavy company. Since launch, we're growing 20% monthly. We're laser focused on product and user experience, and intend to stay that way.

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  • Desenvolvedor - Back-end
  • Design - UX Design